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Body Belief Therapies is a thriving complementary healthcare clinic, operating in Miranda, South Sydney. The clinic offers a range of complementary therapies including Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Nutritional Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic, NAET®EBP, Manual Therapies and Sports Therapies to assist its patients in improving health and wellbeing.


Our premise has been specifically fitted out for Body Belief Therapies offering our patients the latest in comfort and design. Custom made treatment tables, ducted air conditioning, private rooms and a peaceful waiting room.


As a complementary practice, our focused is on patient health from a structural, nutritional and mental approach. Body Belief Therapies promotes balance between the medical and complementary health care systems by working with your medical doctor.


At Body Belief Therapies we assess our patients for structural, chemical/nutritional and emotional/mental aspects using a range screening procedures including functional pathology, blood analysis, urine analysis, hair analysis, stool analysis, kinesiology testing and are attended in accordance to priority.


Many of our services are based around kinesiology testing, a system which takes the guess work out of treatment and  allows the practitioner to identify any imbalances in the patient including structural, chemical and emotional stresses and correct them. The benefit of kinesiology is its ability to address the cause of imbalance and correct, leading to an optimal recovery.


Body Belief Therapies strives to empower its patients to take control and reclaim their health.


Body Belief Therapies is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and recognised with leading Australian Private Health Funds.

Practitioners & Reception Staff


Stuart Houghton - Founder/ Owner/ Principle Clinical Practitioner


Stuart Houghton is the founder, owner and principle clinical healthcare practitioner at Body Belief Therapies. He is highly qualified with a multidisciplinary background and has over 10 years of clinical practice. Stuart is accredited as a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Western Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Sports Therapist and Remedial Therapist totalling an excess of over 13years of full time study.


Stuart is an accredited member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). He is also registered with leading Australian private health funds allowing his patients to be eligible for private insurance rebates on consultations.


Stuart is passionate about professional complementary medicine care and believes in educating his patients about their presenting conditions as well as too utilise the benefits of both complementary healthcare and medical health care systems. Stuart regularly attends professional conferences and seminars to keep up to date with the latest research. Stuart has also presents formally for both public and professional bodies, disseminating knowledge relating to chronic disease and translating scientific research into effective clinical outcomes.

Stuart’s broad knowledge from formal education and depth of clinical experience allows him to be well equipped to assist patients with perplexing health conditions including supportive treatment to cancer patients, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, gynaecological/hormonal problems, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, nervous system problems, structural problems (back pain, shoulder pain, sporting injuries etc.), chronic fatigue syndrome, mood disorders, immune problems, inflammatory disorders, allergies, skin problems, and children/babies health and developmental issues.


Kerri Harvey - Nutrition & Fitness Coaching


Kerri has over 13 years’ experience working within the Health and Fitness industry. She is a qualified Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Weight loss practitioner, Metabolic Effect fat loss and Hormonal Nutrition Consultant, Fitness Boxing Instructor and Beat Pilates Instructor.

Kerri has a worked successfully with a countless number of clients for more than a decade, enabling them to achieve their personal goals and transform their life in a deep and positive way. She has extensive knowledge and understanding in sustainable lifestyle change and has been responsible for the development and facilitation of many tailored weight loss programs.

Kerri also specialises in working with women suffering from the symptoms of menopause.
She is 48 years old, married, has two teenage children and knows the struggle of balancing work, life and family. She is one of the most genuine, humble and nurturing health and fitness professionals you will ever meet.


Key services provided by Kerri are -


  • One on One consultations to review and analyse your current lifestyle.

  • Utilise the Inbody770 scan to get baseline readings to analyse and provide achievable goals

  • Clarify and set suitable goals based on your needs and health situation/limitations.

  • Develop tailored strategies/plan incorporating diet and exercise program

  • Regular monitoring and mentoring to keep you motivated and on track.


Rachel Knevitt - Clinic Reception


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